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  • 1922. The Political Education of Harry Truman - Greeting

    Welcome to Harry S Truman National Historic Site’s cell phone program. This tour is called “The Political Education of Harry Truman.” It starts and ends at the Truman statue on the town square and goes by several sites around the county courthouse. The Independence Town Square is the place where Harry Truman began his political career. The district played an important role in Truman’s life, but it’s also important to us because we’re talking about a guy that eventually became the president of the United States. This program focuses on the period of his life when he was developing his political skills and associations. You’ll notice on the map that there are several numbered stops. Each of those numbers refers to a different stop on the cell phone tour. All you do is go to one of the stops and press the stop number on your cell phone. Then you’ll get a little speech about that particular structure. We don’t have any signs set up, so just go to roughly where you see the numbers on the map, look for the street addresses, and press the stop number on your cell phone that corresponds to that address when you get there. Only the buildings that are located around the square show up on this map. Buildings off in the distance aren’t on the map. The exception is the Trinity Episcopal Church, which is off to the north on Liberty Street, but we’ll talk about that when we get to it. The way this works, you can stay on the line while you walk to the next stop and then enter the stop number, or hang up and call back when you get there, and enter the stop number when you’re ready. The program will remember you and it will pick up where you left off. You can do the buildings in any sequence you want, but the tour stops are designed to be listened to in order, like a story, so keep that in mind. So, if you’d like to take The Political Education of Harry Truman tour, whenever you’re ready, push 200 on your cell phone to begin.