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  • 2. The Truman Farm - Truman Farm Home

    The house you’re standing in front of is not the first house that was built here. The house you’re looking at was meant to be temporary. The original house, built in 1867 by Harry Truman’s grandparents, Solomon and Harriet Young, sat on the same site as the current farm house. That first house was a big, stately mansion with large rooms and long porches stretching along the north and south sides. Harry’s grandparents, the Youngs, were wealthy people and their house reflected their status. Unfortunately, however, that original house burned down in 1894. Harry grandfather, Solomon, was dead by that time, and his grandmother had this smaller house in front of you constructed later that same year—1894—with the intention of turning it into a tenant house after she got around to rebuilding the big one. But, unexpected things happen sometimes, and, as it turned out, she never did get around to rebuilding the big one, so it’s this house you’re looking at that Harry Truman moved into in 1906.