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  • 7. The Truman Farm - Garage

    In 1914, Harry Truman bought a car and this is the garage where he parked it. It was a 1911 Stafford—he got it used. There were only about three hundred of them made. New, they sold $2,350—quite a bit of money in 1911. Harry paid $650 for his. In less than a month, he reported to Bess, “I have been endeavoring to learn to push an auto.” His brother told him he should sell the car and use the money to buy cows. He got the hang of it, though. The Stafford gave him a freedom he’d never known before. Most specifically, it allowed him to drive to Independence and see Bess much more often than he’d ever been able to do by taking the train. It wasn’t long before he wrote her, “I am getting so I don’t object to driving like I did to begin with. Getting sort of used to it I suppose—five thousand miles in three months is moving around somewhat….” If you’d like to hear the end of the tour, press 8 on your cell phone.